"Table reservation can only be made by telephone (from 11:30am onwards)"

Merv Hughes - 20th November 2013 says:

"A man built like me knows what good food tastes like, so when in Brisbane I go for Chinese - I love China Sea Milton."

Trevor Clelland & Tracey Smith - 5th October 2013 says:

"We always out visits to China Sea and it is a credit to you, your wife, your sons in the kitchen, and your ever helpful and gracious service staff"

LAM HEUNKA FOI- 16th August 2013 says:

"It is unexpected to have such good chinese food in Brisbane. I like the oyster the most. Also the Australian lobster and the scollop dishes are wonderful"

Paul Young - 20th December 2012 says:

"This is one restaurant in Brisbane in Brisbane I am confident to bring business clients and overseas visitors. The comments are that this is different, this is special. They always come back and bring friends"

Clive Palmer - 27th September 2012 says:

"Come to China Sea Milton to enjoy the food and be happy"

Alexius Loo - 3rd October 2012 says

"Delicious Food, Great Service and Warm Atmosphere"

James Curtain - Brisbane Says:

"China Sea Milton - The most magnificent Chinese Restaurant in Australia! "

Wesley - Toowong says:

"I am Chinese but only by race. Growing up with Chinese food, I find the food only passable but not entirely authentic. The service is alright and the price suits the environment."

Loren - Paddington says:

"The food is excellent, fresh and clean, it doesn't leave the sick feeling in your stomach like most Chinese. Service isnt the best but it's the food we go for. I definitely recommend."

Brenton garside - Ferny Grove says:

"I love this Restaurant, i have been overseas alot, even in asia i have not tasted food as exquisite as this. I dont know what the hell 'wesley' is going on about . Stanley is doing a great job, keep it up!"

Cassie - Sunnybank says:

"This Restaurant has a good view of the river and also service and the food was exellent I've been to many chinese restaurants but this restaurant is clean and the environment is very good. I recommend this restaurant to everyone who likes chinese food. I eat alot of asian food always in sunnybank but stanley the host was always a nice person to talk to and very friendly...I dine in China Sea regularly...Keep it up!!!"

Robert - Paddington July 08, 2009 says:

" I Like it - One of the best Chinese restaurants in Queensland. Great tasting food an a good atmosphere. Try the squid and prawns with spicy salt, it comes in a cool wooden boat. Service is good but has gone slightly backward in recent years. Highly recommend. "